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External Walls Systems


There are a variety of concrete wall constructions; tilt panel systems and sandwich panel systems delivered to site or solid concrete walls poured on site in pre-fabricated formwork such as AFS wall system, Dincel and Ritek wall systems.  Generally, rigid board insulation materials are the most suitable systems to insulate concrete walls, such as Kingspan, extruded polystyrene (XPS) and reflective Foilboard.

Clad Walls

Clad wall construction can be timber or steel frame, generally creating a 90mm void.  Cladding material can be of a variety of products: timber, metal, aluminium or weatherboard.  It is critical to provide a weatherproof membrane such as a sarking foil between the cladding and the framework.  The insulating material can be reflective foils or bulk fibrous, or a combination of both, depending on climate zone and orientation of the wall.

Brick Veneer / Reverse Brick Veneer Walls

Brick veneer wall construction is generally timber frame but can also be steel frame.  Weatherproofing membrane is critical on the frame.  A reflective foil insulation or bulk fibrous insulation is generally used to provide good thermal and acoustic insulation.  Reverse brick veneer is the timber framing on the outside and brick on the inside, and insulation is used in the frame.

Double Brick

Double brick construction must have insulation.  Rigid board systems are ideally the most suitable and practical product to install.  Boards from 10mm through to 30mm thick are usually specified.  Some are foil laminated to provide a reflective airspace and higher R-values (eg: Foilboard).  Other rigid boards rely on product R-value only, such as Kingspan and Isoboard.


Masonry walls are generally a besser block or concrete block construction.  The most practical way to insulate the internal or external wall is using rigid boards.  Sometimes both wall surfaces are insulated or the external surface is rendered and/or has a painted finish.  The insulation is clipped on to the wall using metal bracket systems and furring channel systems.  New or retro-fitting of existing walls is possible.
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External Walls Systems
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