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Ceiling Systems


Most cavity ceilings are constructed from timber or steel frame and are generally of 450mm or 600mm truss construction.  Depending on climate zone, selection of bulk fibrous material such as a polyester batt or a reflective foil insulation are suitable products to be placed in between the ceiling joists.

Raked / Cathedral

Raked or catherdral ceilings are generally parallel to the roof line and have minimal space, from 120mm to 200mm deep rafters.  Depending on climate zone, selection of insulation material is critical to prevent massive heat gain in summer or heat loss in winter.  A combination of reflective foil and bulk / fibrous batts provide a good solution.  Some retro-fitting applications are possible.


Suspended ceilings can be under concrete slab roofs or flat metal roof constructions.  It is critical to insulate directly under the roofing material for thermal, acoustic and condensation control.  The void below the roof needs to be insulated depending on the depth of this ceiling void.  A bulk fibrous batt such as polyester or a combination of bulk / fibrous and reflective material are ideal in certain climate zones.


Skillion roof construction can be either steel frame or timber frame and is generally constructed with a metal roof cladding profile.  The void between the roof and ceiling is minimal, from 200mm up to 800mm, on an angle.  The choice of ceiling insulation is generally a bulk fibrous material with a reflective foil material directly under the roofing sheets.  The depth of void may dictate a greater use of reflective foil insulation at ceiling level, particularly in hotter climates.


Under slab roof insulation is important to prevent heat gain through the slab during the day, especially in summer and minimise heat loss during winter. Concrete roof slabs can be insulated on top (externally) using rigid polystyrene board systems, or insulated underneath the slab (internally) using reflective foil laminated polystyrene board systems.
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Ceiling Systems
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