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Roof Cavity Ventilation

Roof ventilators reduce the roof-space heat build-up by expelling hot air which is then replaced by ambient temperature air from outside, allowing your insulation to work far more effectively.  The Windmaster and SupaVent series of wind powered ventilators are perfect to address this problem.

Room Ventilation

The Whirly Mate is a 305mm square controllable ceiling grille.  It is the perfect addition to any roof mounted ventilator, allowing controllable ventilation of the air within living areas. In summer the unit can be opened to allow ventilation and in winter it can be closed to retain warmth.

Subfloor Ventilation

ecoFAN is used to reduce moisture in sub-floor areas and to promote air-flow.  This product is useful where ducting is to be fitted under the floor.
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Insulation Applications

External Walls
Internal Walls
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