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World Green Building Week 2018

This week Solartex will be celebrating World Green Building Week


World Green Building week aims to motivate and empower us all to deliver greener buildings.


There are many contributing factors to creating a green home. Most of which fall under the category of sustainability.


Solartex Insulation makes your home more sustainable and economic by allowing you to cool/warm your home more efficiently. To have a look at the different applications and services that we offer click through. 


Insulating your home increases comfortability and decreases energy bills.


Solartex Insulation has been adopted by thousands of Sydney families to improve the livability of their homes. Insulation is proven to increase comfortability and decrease living costs by keeping hot air in your home in winter and warm air out of your house in summer.

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more tips on how to make your home more sustainable.

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World Green Building Week 2018
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