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SOLARTEX INSULATION SOLUTIONS is a thermal insulation and acoustic insulation company which prides itself on being able to provide practical, innovative working solutions against HEAT, COLD and NOISEproblems.
Solartex: improving your everday environment
Listed below are just a small selection from our library of over 15 years of innovative thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and noise control solutions. The challange is knowing what material or combinations of products will provide the best solution to solve the problem. Exceptional product knowlege skills and and the ability to be able to fabricate and convert products to come up with the right result.
Solartex are servicing and providing insulation solutions to Architects, Designers and a myriad of Government and private business both large and small.
  • Wind farms
  • Shell Oil - remote fuel dispensing units
  • Antarctica - housing
  • MLC Centre
  • Sydney University Veterinary Science CAT enclosure
  • Sydney University Computer Facility
  • Houses of Western Sydney - solving the summer heat issue
  • Year of The Built Environment (YBE) - Multiplex sponsor The Steel House
  • Smartshax
  • Thredbo Village Kosiusko Sewerage Tank
  • Thredbo ski lodge
  • ABC satellite live on site - trucks
  • Attic Conversions
  • Australand residential apartments hot concrete roof slabs
  • Landcom Energy Efficient House - Landcom NSW. Energy Efficient Home Design Development, Hunter Valley, NSW. Winner: Glen Spicer, EJE Architects. Newcastle.
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