Solartex - Ceiling Clean Vacuuming

Cleaning the ceiling cavity before insulating is an intergral part of ceiling insulation in both commercial applications and residential ceiling installation.

Solartex has always maintained a duty of care towards the dwelling owner and occupant by informing them of the potential hazards in the ceiling roof cavity, mainly in the form of dirt, dust, toxic waste and unnecessary debris that may have  accumulated over the years.

When installing new ceiling insulation at ceiling level, it is critical to inform the owner of the need to remove the old insulation materials, dust, dirt, vermin,animal faeces and other contaminents.

Solartex promotes health and safety as part of its installation service and aims to eliminate lead poisoning, promoting the safe removal and disposal of toxic wastes, including lead contamination from ceiling voids, wall and underfloor cavities and to ensure that the contractors involved in its removal take care by following guidelines that protect both the building occupiers and those employed by our company.  All  machines used by Solartex use HEPA  filter systems and our staff are trained to take the utmost care in removing and disposing of the waste materials from buildings.

Before: Years of accumulated toxic dust
After: Notice the white ceiling now appearing between the
rafters following dust removal

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